• Humanitarian Support

    All young people need is love, care, and support to restore  hope and empower their lives.

    Bitone Philanthropy
  • Education Program

    We believe education is a powerful mean to break the cycle of poverty.

    Bitone Education
  • The Bitone Troupe

    Using music and dance for physical and psychological empowerment.

    The Troupe
  • Bitone Garden

    Through direct participation in gardening, children acquire life skills needed to stop hunger and poverty.

    Skills Training
  • Bitone e-Learning

    The idea of creating a literate world is one of the key components of Bitone’s work.

    Computer Literacy
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    In order for Bitone Center to meet it's goals, we need your support.

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    Get close with our children. Help them individually with what they need.

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    If you share our cause, we'll be very glad to work with you.
    "By creating a sense of aspiration and hopefulness, a nurturing environment and academic education, in addition to training them in life skills, our children begin to see and have a vision to their lives."
    Message from founder
    We are seeking $2,500 to support 18 Bitone kids with their education needs for the current academic term. Among them, 8 kids (4 girls & 4 boys) are preparing to sit for end-of-year Uganda National Examinations to qualify for promotion to the secondary school level. These funds  will therefore directly pay for their schools fees and scholastic needs.

    $140 —calculators for  8 kids who are  in candidate classes
    $120 —school fees per child per term
    $50  —school supplies per child per term
    $40 —registration fees per child per term

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